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My Personal Candidate Forum, Chapter 6: Influences On A Child

I had to take a break with my forum questions over the weekend due to work obligations...the life and times of a Nurse! But here is today's question and answer. Also, this question was posed to the candidates at the Brooklyn Park candidate forum from an audience member.

6. Who do you think are the 3 most influential people in a child's life?

I believe the most important influence on a child is the primary parent(s) responsible for the care and upbringing of the child. In traditional families, it is usually the mother, but it can be another adult such as a father, grandparent or step parent. This parental figure instills family values and safety and love. The second parent, step family, siblings, and other close family members are also a strong influence on a child. A strong, extended family circle provides a sense of safety and belonging and imparts opportunities to grow, give and receive love, and learn. A third important influence on the child are community helpers: teachers, religious leaders, police officers and others. These community workers have the important responsibility to be role models for the child and can help a child explore and expand his or her world.

Our teachers and support staff have a monumental responsibility and role in each child's life. We should support our teachers by giving them the classroom space, time, and human and material resources so they can fulfill this role for every child in their classroom. I have always supported and lived out the idea that it takes a village to raise a child, and I will continue to support the school district with my time, talents and financial resources, regardless of whether I am elected to the School Board.

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