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My Personal Candidate Forum, Chapter 5: The Superintendent

From now until the November 6th election day, I will answer a question each day here on my blog, reposting the answer also on my Facebook page. Please revisit my website often to see all the questions and answers. If you have a question for me, please send me a message and I will strive to answer it here. Imagine an interview, a discussion between me and the moderator. No time limit. You are the audience. (This question came from the audience at the Brooklyn Park Candidate forum.)

What are 3 characteristics you would look for in a Superintendent?

Our next superintendent should be experienced with and have worked successfully in a large, diverse school district such as ours. The candidate should demonstrate strong collaboration and communication skills, as shown by past successes in working with their community, school administrators, parents, and school board members. Finally, our next superintendent must value and promote diversity, understanding personal and community racial biases and be willing to do the hard work to overcome it to create equity for all students.

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