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My Personal Candidate Forum, Chapter 1: The First Question

I participated in the second candidate forum last week. ( I could not partake in tonight’s forum as I attended my daughter’s choir concert at Park Center.) Last week’s forum was held at Brooklyn Park City Hall where we answered several questions, some of which we had a chance to prepare for, while others were posed to us by the audience. We had 1 minute to reply to the first set of questions and only 30 seconds to reply to the audience questions. While I appreciate that, in the interest of time, our answers can't be lengthy, I do wish that we could really discuss our ideas with some depth and share more of our personal perspective on the issues. And so here, I will do just that. From now until the November 6th election day, I will answer a question each day here on my blog, posting the answer also on my Facebook page. Please revisit my website often to see all the questions and answers. If you have a question for me, please send me a message and I will strive to answer it here. Imagine an interview, a discussion between me and the moderator. No time limit. You are the audience. And here is the first question:

  1. Please tell us about your background and your previous school district involvement that support your candidacy for this position.

I am a Registered Nurse in the Birth Center at Hennepin Healthcare, formerly called HCMC. I work every day with patients of varying backgrounds and levels of education,patients who speak little or no English, patients who are homeless or little family support. I treat every patient with dignity and respect, and meet them at their level to help them meet their needs. I appreciate and respect different cultures, viewpoints and beliefs and always consider these when I educate and individualize care for my patients. I will bring this mindset to the work of the Board.

When I’m not working, I am raising two students in our district. I have a seventh grader at Osseo Middle and a tenth grader at Park Center. Both children also attended Weaver Lake Elementary STEM school where I was an avid volunteer both in the classroom and with the PTA. I served 2 years as PTA secretary, 2 years chairing the school carnival, and also participated in subcommittee work, including updating and reworking our PTA chapter by-laws. I want to continue on with such important work by now serving the entire school district.

Tomorrow’s question: Do you feel the district is doing a good job of educating the students and preparing them for post-secondary education or the entry into the workforce? Why or why not?

Please come back to read a new question and answer each day! Please feel free to comment here on my website, on my Facebook page, or send me a message directly to

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