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We are Strong, But We Can Be Stronger!

Let's start by saying that I love our schools! I have had wonderful experiences all around with my kids since they started attending Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) classes! But there is always room for improvement.

Several schools in our district are not performing well on proficiency tests. If the children are lagging behind academically in elementary school, they will not succeed in the upper grades. I want to implement successful ways to help all students achieve learning at or above their grade level.

We have a national concern for safety in schools that we must address at our local level. Children are anxious about school violence and cannot learn in an environment where they are worried about their personal safety. I will work to create the safest learning environments possible in our schools.

We have a beautifully diverse student population! This is our strength; let's celebrate what makes our students unique. I will support efforts and programs aimed at inclusion and cultural sensitivity.

#school #safety #culturaldiversity

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